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Commonly Asked Questions About Cable TV Installation


Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions our clients have asked.

1. Why choose American TechCorp as my Private Cable System provider?

For over two decades, American TechCorp has been an industry leader on providing private cable services to state and federally-owned facilities, hotels, hospitals, and a host of other facilities in all industries. Our commitment to excellence has served us well in the past and ensures that our clients will receive the highest levels of customer service and support they've come to expect.

2. How does a private cable system from American TechCorp differ from the service I receive from my current cable provider?

Owning a private cable system from American TechCorp puts you in charge of your television service. You will experience first-class service, excellent signal quality, flexible channel line-ups, reliable system performance, and savings of 30-70% over traditional cable rates.

3. Can I choose the programming and the number of channels for my system?

Yes. Our Consultants will work closely with you and your staff to create a channel line-up that will meet the needs of your facility and your budget.

4. Are local broadcast channels available?

Local broadcast channels are available in most areas.

5. Can American TechCorp provide High-Speed Internet Service?

In many areas, we are now able to bundle your TV service with your local Internet provider. Your residents and guests can experience first-class service, first-class speed, and first-class quality at a discounted price.

6. Can I show DVD movies on a Private Cable System?

Your system will allow a designated channel to be used in conjunction with a DVD or VCR; however, certain copyright rules and restrictions may apply.

7. What type of equipment is needed?

Specific equipment needed is determined by the type and number of channels selected. You can be assured that the equipment used is of similar type and quality of equipment used by major cable companies throughout the world.

8. Where is the equipment located?

The equipment is typically located in a room or closet near the existing cable service entrance. The location should have both electrical power and air conditioning, although some systems call for receivers in each room. This will depend on the type of system that will give your Facility the best service.

9. How long does it take to install a Private Cable System?

Typical installation will take 1-2 days. Exact times may vary based on the system and facility size along with the condition of the existing cable distribution network.

10. How reliable is Satellite TV reception?

Satellite TV reception is the most reliable method of signal reception. In fact, that's why cable companies use satellite reception to receive most of the channels they offer.

11. What are my payment options?

There are several methods of payment available. You may elect to purchase your system "Outright" or you may lease (typical) your equipment for 23, 48, 60 or even 72 months with a $1.00 buyout at the end of your lease term.

12. How will weather affect my signal?

When the proper satellite dish is used, the weather should have little to no effect on signal quality.

13. What do I do if my system needs to be serviced?

While our systems are designed to provide the highest levels of quality, we understand that the need for service may arise. If you ever need assistance with issues relating to system performance, contact the technical support department at American TechCorp and we will make every effort to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

14. What type of warranty is provided?

Most products used in our system carry a one-year manufacturer's warranty. All installation labor is also warranted for one year from the date of installation. Additional extended warranties are available at affordable rates.

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