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Have Your Cable TV Installed Today!

A business that offers cable TV installation

Have Your Satellite TV Installed Today!

A business that offers Commercial Satellite programming

Have Your Satellite TV Installed Today!

A Business that Offers Commercial Satellite Programming

Providing You With Top-Notch Cable TV Installation

American TechCorp in Lakewood, WA is one of the leading system integration companies. Our highly skilled staff has more than 20 years of combined experience in developing custom system designs for our clients.

We offer private cable systems to health care facilities, hotels, restaurants, and more. Now you can have access to hundreds of your favorite channels with our help.

Put your mind at ease and go with the people who have been there. Allow us to find the right solution to your television system needs.

Contact Us

Reach out to us at (800) 404-8324 to have your cable TV installed today.

Hotels and Resorts

Give your guests an enhanced in-room experience without cutting into your bottom line. Provide the ultimate in TV entertainment with DIRECTV.

Health Care Facilities

Lift your patients’ spirits with the best TV experience and make their stay at your facility more enjoyable. Get DIRECTV in every room.

Bars and Restaurants

Turn your establishment into the ultimate destination for sports with DIRECTV's exclusive packages designed specifically for your business.

General Businesses

​From sports clubs to dental offices, DIRECTV is a cost-effective way to generate more business. Keep customers entertained while they wait, shop, or work out.

Private Offices

​DIRECTV delivers the programming that your business needs to see with around-the-clock access to breaking news that shapes your industry.

Give Your Guests the 5-Star Experience

Exceed your guests’ expectations by giving them the best programming with over 150 channels, including perennial favorites like Discovery Channel, ESPN, and CNN—plus the best in local and HD channels where available!

Don't forget those premium movie channels like HBO and SHOWTIME, along with many international TV packages that are available a la carte. Your guests will feel like they are right at home with the newest DIRECTV Residential Experience.

Give Your Patients and Residents First-Class Treatment

Promote speedy recovery by keeping your patients connected to the world outside of the hospital walls. Get DIRECTV for every room and let them enjoy over 80 channels that are jam-packed with the best TV entertainment and news networks, most of them available in crystal-clear HD.

Plus, many premium movie channels like HBO and SHOWTIME, and international TV packages are available a la carte.

Turn Your Establishment Into the Ultimate Sports Destination

DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants

Get DIRECTV and increase traffic to your bar or restaurant. With better entertainment, you improve customer experience and drive more frequent visits. We have all the specialty and regional sports networks with more sports in HD than any other provider.

Call today and we'll help you get started on driving customers through your doors and then bringing them back again!

Change Time From Waiting to Enjoying

DIRECTV for Businesses

DIRECTV is a surefire way to enhance your customers' experience, whether your business is an auto repair shop, sports club, medical office, or somewhere in between. Keep them entertained and informed with the Business Choice package while they wait or work out, and they'll keep coming back for more.

DIRECTV offers you access to over 160 channels of the best in news, entertainment, and sports—including specialty and regional sports networks.

Note: Once you sign up for a qualifying base programming package, available in English and Spanish, you can add on DIRECTV's exclusive sports packages.

Add State-of-the-Art Technology to Your Office

DIRECTV for Private Offices

Differentiate your business from others with DIRECTV. Your office will not only stay ahead of the competition, but it will also create a contemporary and forward-looking atmosphere that helps increase employee productivity.

DIRECTV offers you access to the channels that matter most with the Office Choice package that includes over 130 entertainment and sports, including local channels.

Note: Once you sign up for a qualifying base programming package, available in English and Spanish, you can add one of DIRECTV's exclusive sports packages.

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